5 Must Haves For A Beach Picnic

5 Must Haves For A Beach Picnic

5 Must Haves For A Beach Picnic

“Life is better at the beach”

Whether you celebrating the beginning of SPRING or AUTUMN, a picnic at the beach is a great place to chill and relax. The BEACH is definitely my happy place.


Cotton Murah’s are fabulous and can be bought at markets or here in the Algarve on the beach by the local vendors.  Alternatively, use cotton beach towels that can be bought at most home stores to use as tablecloths on the sand. Both these dry quickly and are easy to wash.


For a special touch:  Add a few hand woven placemats to your picnic basket and some cushions for comfort whilst sipping your bubby and watching the sun go down to create simple yet stylish picnic look and feel.


Good quality re-cycled non-breakable glasses add a little sparkle to your picnic setting. I these found at El Corte Ingles in Lisbon.


TIP: 1 litre bottled water

Cut some lemon wedges, cucumber slices and sprigs of rosemary into a container and when setting up your picnic add the mix to your water for flavour.

FINGER FOODS are simple to prepare

A selection of cheeses like French brie or Camembert served with small French Loaves is my favourite

TIP: these cheeses ooze deliciously in the sun, hard cheeses tend to go oily in the sun

Salads in jam jars are easy to eat from and keep fresh

TIP: Save salt, pepper and sauce sachets wherever possible so you don’t have to pack extra into your basket

Baby carrots and veggies can be served with an assortment of dips

Loads of fresh fruit like grapes, berries and sliced watermelon

Dessert: Chocolate Brownies are a great choice

With the above tips, your cooler and picnic basket, you are ready to go. Have fun and enjoy a relaxed day out surrounded by the simple beauty of nature.

All you have to do is choose where to have your portable feast and who to share it with!

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Chic Afrique

Chic Afrique

CHIC AFRIQUE trends and ideas that can add versatility to your entertaining style!!

Africa forever in my heart …

South Africa a place only once lived or visited can only be understood. The unique beat of a “rainbow nation” with its diversity of design and culture can only be understood once experienced. The earthy tones and pattern in this tribal mood board inspired me to write this blog. Africa is bold, colourful & resonates a beat that will forever be in my heart.

Source: www.patterncurator.com


When decorating or table setting you always need to add your own unique style and personal touch. I love sourcing beautiful fabrics and unique pieces for my home. If like me you are not really good with a sewing machine find a good seamstress and have your tablecloth made up. A truly special friend “Barbara” from my homeland South Africa photographed this vibrant combination of design & texture that resonates “Africa”  


Each piece of tableware in this African styled collection adds an eclectic of mix to this Chic- Afrique table setting. Never be afraid to add quirky & interesting pieces of tableware to your existing crockery collection. I love adding interest when setting a table, it makes for interesting conversation at the dinner table and makes your quests feel truly special.

Ankara” the fabric used in Africa that describes the brightly printed fabric that inspires African fashion. Ankara is not just found in clothes but also on bags, shoes, jewelry and accessories throughout the African continent. 

The Ankara design has changed dramatically since it´s inception as traditional fabric worn by folk in Africa and uniquely made in Africa. Today like most things you can source cheap “knock-off” Ankara pieces. These  are not the same as the authentic Ankara items that you can purchase primarily from African designers.” Source http://www.ankcara.com/new-fashion-trend-what-is-ankara/

As the years go by we are slowly settling into our new lifestyle in Portugal. The high paced life we lived in South Africa is slowly being replaced by an appreciation of all things simple. 

I am truly blessed to have the opportunity to create a new lifestyle in Portugal, with my amazing husband. This move has given me the opportunity to reflect on what makes “Maria” tick. Keep following me, there is a lot more to discover about this 50 something who has now decided that social media is my new way of sharing my lifestyle and passion for simplicity.

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