Inspirational Ideas Utilizing Greenery From The Garden

Inspirational Ideas Utilizing Greenery From The Garden

Inspirational Ideas Utilising Greenery From The Garden

Nothing beats the feeling of going into my garden, shears in hand and looking for a piece of foliage that will create a centre piece or focal point in my home

With the cost of flowers, it is far more cost effective to use greenery or foliage, it lasts longer and stays evergreen.  If you do not have access to a garden then greenery is easily obtainable from your local flower seller or even a friend’s garden. The look and feel comes from the container you use and how you place the leaves.  Don’t forget the rule, less is more! Greenery lasts forever, some up until 10 weeks or longer, saving you loads of money.  No matter where I am in the world, staying in a hotel, apartment or villa my first notion is to pick some form of greenery or foliage from a nearby park and arrange it in my living space.

5 various forms of greenery and how to use them as centerpieces or focal points in a home:


Tropical greenery can create a breezy vibe indoors. In fact, many floral shops carry tropical leaves such as monstera (delicious monsters), fiddle leaves or split leaves regardless of the season. These leaves can last for about 3 to 4 months and create a simple but elegant statement in your home or dining room table.  Definitely a plant with fringe benefits.

LARGE LEAVES create a bold & beautiful statement! To maintain free-flowing conversation at the table, keep your containers low so diners don’t have to duck around the plants to chat.
ALOES & SUCCULENTS, so versatile and last forever – they grow so easily in a little water and look fabulous. Love this edgy look. I absolutely love the texture of an Aloe and its densely clustered appearance giving an edgy, organic look and feel to a room or dinner table.
Smitten with this idea of RE-cycling old tea cups and using them to grow succulants or to create interesting centrepieces. I would use these for a tea party in the garden or even a alfresco evening grouping various teacups and even tea pots together.
Popular succulents –  all types of Aloe plants, cacti, Jade Plant, Maltese Cross, Mother of Pearl Plant, Miniture Palm Trees, Moonstones and Ponytail Palm.

VARIETY OF GREEN LEAVES… leaves are not just green, they come in various shades of green from light to dark, different textures, plain to patterned with acid-yellows, pale translucent greens, mottled grey-blues, etc. The variety is infinite and only limited by your ability to obtain different leaf types.

Last minute gathering – try this for your next easy and simple idea:

Gather an assortment of cylindrical vases in various sizes, along with large leaves in a variety of textures and colour striations. Put a bit of water in the vases and tuck the leaves inside for a natural display with a modern twist.

HERBS & VEGGIES…an ensemble of herbs give off a super fresh smell. My preferences are: lavender, feverfew, chamomile, rosemary,mint (I love their scent) and sometimes basil, cilantro and chives depending on the food I serve. If you want to use use herbs for a formal evening then styling is the key and the vessel needs to be clean lined. My advice is to use one type of herb, compact it in. Rosemary or mint would be my choice as they look awesome when compacted into a container.. Remember to treat them like flowers, herbs wilt if not kept fresh – suggestion keep them refrigerated until just before you need to place them on your table.

The use of  VEGETABLES – artichokes and FRUIT – fresh lemons make for an simple but effective table setting.


DO YOU HAVE ANY TRIED AND TESTED IDEAS – please comment and share with me as I would love to get you’re your thoughts and any suggestions.

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