Simple2Elegant Autumn Inspiration Colour Board 2018

Simple2Elegant Autumn Inspiration Colour Board 2018

Autumn paints in colours that Summer has never seen”…….Autumn inspiration

Sharing my Autumn Inspiration Board…

Autumn inspiration 2018. This year, Simple2Elegant found Autumn inspiration in two beautiful classic lamps that were stored in the garage. The mixed golden tones, soft fringing and the reflection of the crystal drops was were the features that inspired me. The liquors in the crystal decanters combined with the reflection of colours in the crystal glassware added depth to the magical Autumn tones.  Look for inspiration in a simple accessory, a piece of furniture, a tablecloth or even a plant in your garden before dashing out to spend unnecessary money. Trends are forever changing but classic items can always be incorporated into contemporary decor in different ways.

TIP: Never toss out good quality home ware. Create a storage area where you can store items  and recycle when necessary. Quality home ware is timeless.

Tips to help you find your Autumn inspiration…..


  • Choose a Autumn colour palette that embraces your mood for the season.
  • Choose Autumn Décor trends that suit all the elements in your home so that you create a cozy environment for family & friends.
  • Bring out the Colours of Autumn in cozy blankets & throws to put onto couches or baskets.
  • Bring Autumn aromas into your home with great D.I.Y scents (ideas in my next blog).
  • Bring Autumn into every room by adding new covers to your scatter cushions (I have accumulated a few covers over the years and keep rotating these throughout the year), area rugs, bed & bath linen. 
  • Making simple changes to your home does not need to cost the earth, find inspiration to make simple changes recycling what you already have.


Hope my Autumn inspiration inspires you to make simple changes to your living space…get creative!!

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