Spring Summer home decor trends for 2020

Spring Summer home decor trends for 2020


“Despite the forecast live like it´s SPRING….”

Simple2Elegant´s inspirational new trends…

Spring Summer 2020

• Seawead Greens & Summer browns
• Turquoise Textures
• Taupe with Burnt Volcano
• Emerald Green with Raw Linen Texture


It´s been some time since I have put pen to paper and shared my passion. I have been so busy focusing on building a Real Estate business in a country that has now become my new home, Portugal, since re-locating from South Africa.

This pause in time has made me realize how much I have missed sharing my passion. I am now in the process of doing a Post Graduate Interior Decorating course in London and this has really inspired me.

I love using simple elements to create change in my home, make simple food and set simple tables (although my favourite will always be setting more elaborate and stylish dinner tables), at the moment it is just the two of us and keeping it simple is key.

It´s becoming so much more evident in the past 7 weeks of lock-down that simple changes can uplift the spirits.


With most of us now being restricted to home living, its the perfect time to let our own creativity shine. I hope that by imparting my passion for simplicity, elegance and simple living I can get you inspired to make simple changes without spending money by recycling what you have. I have started going through my garage, cupboards and loft and have been so surprised about how much I have forgotten about.

My inspiration always comes from nature, simple elements around me and colour. Researching on various social media pages also gives me a little extra inspiration, especially at the moment where visiting stores and my favourite garden nursery is no longer possible. It´s time to get inspired by moving, painting and changing rugs & scatter cushions.

Japondi Style..

Photo credit: Maison du Monde

This new interior style comes from the words “Japan” and “Scandi” and is one of the most exciting trends for 2020. he Scandi style will never date. It´s a style that combines modern and rustic neutral materials together. The use of linen, cotton & wool and various natural textures that all for the natural woods to become the focal points in the interior design of rooms. The Japondi lifestyle reflects simplicity, restraint and functionalism.


Achieving this style is an art in itself and you need to enjoy uncluttered spaces with dark base shades or natural woods adding contrast. Layering different textures is key to achieving the look. Keeping clean lines, simple furniture design of high quality. Whether you have a neutral or rich coloured palette in your home this style can be easily introduced. Reduce clutter and bring in vibrant neutral shades and natural elements like indoor plants…One of my favourite trends for 2020.

Add Abstract expressions with Cushions….

Source credit: Marks & Spencer

Is your living room looking a little tired & old ? You don´t need to re-decorate the whole room, recycling scatter covers or buy a few on-line, new covers give any room a fresh new look and feel. The new abstract, bold geometrics and hand drawn sketches that are on trend for 2020 give a playful look to a room. This feel evokes emotions and especially at the moment when we all need a little upliftment, creates a happy mood. The colours are punchy, playful and allows for each one of us to express our own personalities in our homes.



Firstly, always try & purchase really good quality inners for your cushions. It may cost you more initially but in the long run it will prove to be less expensive as they will last longer. My personal pet hate is when scatter cushions look like pancakes on a couch (its only my thing) and make no effect at all, although maybe a Shabby Chic style they would be fine.  Geometric and abstract design is best used on cushion covers, duvet covers, statement rugs and wall paper designs as it´s a temporary trend.

Oversized glass vases are very on trend….

photo credit: Zara Home

Buy recycled or sustainable glassware whenever possible! Adding a pop of colour into your Spring Summer 2020 home decor is easy with oversized vessels. Whether you group them together or use them individually they will always make a statement. They look amazing whether displayed on their own or clustered together with a few of your favourite Spring Summer blooms. If flowers or twigs are not your thing then so many coloured glass vessels don´t need any embellishment, they make amazing statements on their own.



Flowers, twigs or wildflowers are the most inexpensive way of adding energy and life into any space. To create a minimalist feel, utilize one or two blooms of varying heights and colours helps to create an inexpensive yet simply elegant focal point for the Spring Summer 2020 season ahead. Perfect for entrance halls, bathrooms and open plan living spaces.


Hope you get inspired to change some of your decorative elements for the Spring Summer 2020 Season..

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Easter table setting, in full bloom….

Easter table setting, in full bloom….


“The GREAT gift of EASTER is HOPE and we all need a LITTLE more of THAT”

Let everything you do be done with love……Happy Easter!!

This Easter is going to be a little different, a lot quieter and for many a time on their own.  I am sure so many of us had wonderful trips planned for the Easter weekend, family lunches organised and gatheries planned to share with our loved ones.  “Easter Spells out beauty, the rare beginning of new Life”.

I hope my short blog inspires you to let your creativity flow, whether on your own or with those you are in “lock down” with.  Rummage through what you have in your home and add some brightness onto your table for Easter, brunch, lunch or dinner. 

A few tips to make your Easter table extra special by adding detail to your place setting:

  • A joyful colour palette is always good for Easter, its a truly special celebratory time of the year. Now during this time of “lock down” more than ever
  • A simple white table cloth and white crockery  becomes a canvass to work with when setting a lunch or dinner table giving you the felixibity to add colour in any form
  • A single flower, a piece of greenery or a bunch of blooms from your garden always adds a natural element to the table, if you cannot find fresh, artificial will do for this Easter centrepiece
  • Adding small details to your place settings always adds interest




Combining Vintage Placemats in shades of PINK with BOLD floral napkins added a casual feel to my table setting. This year it seems so much more apt to have just a special yet casual Easter lunch. The placemats inspired the colours I chose. A playful mix of bold colours that follow through with all the elements on the table. Never be too scared to add your own creativity to your table setting, food or home decor.


Add a little interest by mixing glassware in different colours, Here I added some antique coloured wine glasses with a small turkish water glass and a simple vintage champagne flute to add interest. My centrepiece vessels were pieces of old silverware handed down from my mother, coffee pots, tea pots and a milk jug. A wonderful eclectic mix of vintage items that added a old worldly feel to this tablescape.


My collection of antique cutlery given to me by my mother always makes for an elegant table setting no matter the look. For the detail I tied the cutlery together with a lovely satin bright pink ribbon. Adding a simple flower from the Hydrangea blooms in my centrepiece tucked into the ribbon. A dried twig with pale pink dried flowers made for a truly simple yet creative detail, adding a personal touch to the place setting.

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