4 Fabulous Christmas Table Setting Ideas For A Stress Free Holiday Season

“The MAGIC of CHRISTMAS never ends and its GREATEST of GIFTS are FAMILY and FRIENDS”

Ready for Christmas??

There is no better time of the year than Christmas, it’s a time to make memories and share special moments at home with family and friends. Having a plan makes for a more cheerful and less stressful holiday season, so I hope you enjoy my table décor ideas as much as I enjoyed creating them.

A few tips to make the season a little easier to cope with CHOOSE….

  • A colour palette that embraces your mood for the season.
  • Décor that suits the elements in your home so that you create a chilled haven for friends and family.
  • Some simple finger food treats that are quick to make up when friends and family pop in un-expectantly.
  • Beverages that suit the season dependable on your personal choice
  • A few additional gifts for those un-expected moments when you need to give a gift in returns


Combining, plush surfaces with hi-shine GOLD and BRONZES with touches of BLUE creates a luxurious mood. Organza bows and drop crystals that I purchased in strands from our local fabric store and then sewed on gold ribbon to add a hi-shine and glitz to this table setting.


Using natural greenery with fresh red roses set the scene for this Christmas outdoor table setting, giving a joyous yet elegant feel. More detail in


By using twined natural wreaths on top of silver plate liners gave each place setting an organic yet stylish feel with a touch of simplicity. Simple organza was used to tie each place setting together like a Christmas present, adding to the feel of being in a wintery lush green forest.

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