5 Tips On Styling Coastal Apartments & Entertaining Al Fresco

Part 1

Living in the Algarve and spending long summer days on the beach, got me dreaming about the colours reflected in this amazing mood board I found on Pinterest, that inspires nature and organic landscapes.

This palette reflects soft neutral shades that create a space that is calm and relaxed. Mixing raw surfaces and textures helps to create a home that reflects the colours of the sea and beach.

5 tips on styling coastal apartment spaces using cool neutral earth tones with a beach vibe:


  • Sofa’s – don’t buy them to fit your space size, buy smaller and then add additional seating by adding poofs, single chairs and ottermans.
  • Colour – keep to light wall colours and add your texture in throws, rugs and cushions, using smooth leather, woven linen and natural fibres. Adding blue, turquoise, aqua and soft sands in accessories, gives the home a soft calm feeling.
  • Rug placement – Is vital and so many of us make the mistake of buying the wrong sized rug – for a little more information take a peak at this website that will assist you with some great ideas on how to buy the right sized rug and how to place the furniture: http://www.wayfair.com/ideas-and-advice/area-rug-size-guide-S4828.html
  • If you don’t have room for a coffee table don’t put one in, side tables are just as effective. Add pieces that are multifunctional in use where possible.
  • Most importantly is the layout.

Neutral Know-How
Taken from www.wayfair.com


  • Use a spectrum of earthy colors: brown, beige, black, cream, and white. You can even work in some green—since it’s a color found in nature.
  • Bring in one colorful piece—wall art or a striking vase, for example—and give it a prominent spot in the center of the room.
  • Repeat the colors of that piece in other parts of the room, in smaller ways (throw pillows, decorative objects).
  • Incorporate symmetry but don’t try to balance every item in the room. You want the space to feel organized, not overly formal.

This dining area is elegantly styled and the simplicity of the dinner table makes for awesome fun gatherings. As always, and my absolute must have in my home, is a few pieces of greenery from the garden adding to the fresh feel.

Outdoors for great summer entertaining.

THE BEACH IS MY HAPPY SPACE, where is yours???

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