A HOME NEEDS A FEW PIECES OF CRYSTAL to make a focal point.

For those that know me and those that are still getting to know me, I have an absolute passion for CRYSTAL and ELEGANT GLASSWARE.  It drives my husband crazy, how much glass can a “girl” have…never enough I sayJ. “Crystal” comes from the Italian term “cristallo” which, along time ago, was used to refer to Murano glass imitations.

Nothing sets a table off more elegantly than beautiful crystal with simple blooms. Use single glass vessels to create luxurious focal points in your home or table arrangements.

Grouping a set of Crystal Decanters together serves a Centerpiece.

  • Glassware allows for serving drinks stylishly.
  • The shape of your glassware adds flavor to wine and champagne.
  • Long-drink tumblers can be so eye-catching dependable on the drinks you serving.

Instructions on how to handle and care for your high quality glassware: HERE

Washing Instruction for good quality glassware:

  • Use a proper glasswasher
  • Leave to cool down before handling
  • Use a tray; do not carry by hand to prevent scratching
  • Polish using two lint free cloths
  • Polish, bowl, stem and foot separately – don’t twist
  • Store base down, never on the rim
  • Storage should be in correct racks individually tailored.

Feel free to share your thoughts on my blog and let me know about your ideas on using crystal pieces in your home. I am sure we all have some beautiful crystal hidden away.  Take it out and use it, life is too short to hide beautiful homeware waiting for just that right moment, the moment is always now.

A few Rules when handling connoisseur glasses:

Filling the glass:

Fill the glass only to the widest diameter of its bowl. This will ensure maximum development of the wine’s bouquet, and also provide the most elegant table setting.

Holding the glass:

The appropriately filled glass should always be held by the stem rather than the bowl, as heat from the hand could raise the temperature above its optimum and negatively influence the bouquet of the wine. Swirling the glass:

Carefully swirling the glass allows oxygen into the wine by increasing its surface area and helps release the wine’s rich, mature aroma.

Why and how to decant wines:

To decant wine means to transfer it from its bottle to a decanter or carafe before drinking. During storage or aging, wine can develop a solid deposit or sediment at the bottom of the bottle.

Decanting is an easy means of separating the sediment from the wine. It also helps the wine breathe, as the greater surface diameter lets more oxygen reach the wine than the bottle does.

Red wines should be decanted well before serving and allowed to rest at room temperature for up to one hour to allow the wine to fully develop its bouquet.

Wine temperature Before decanting/or serving wine, store it at appropriate temperatures (red wine 59-63°F, 15-17°C, white wines at 50-54°F, 10-12°C).

The proper serving temperature enhances the quality of the wine by allowing it to fully develop its characteristic aromas and flavours.


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