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I am Maria, a wife, mother and business women who was raised by Portuguese parents in Durban, South Africa and recently moved to the Algarve, Portugal to find my roots and start a new life adventure with my amazing husband Kevin.

Hi! I’m Maria and I love interior design and decor…

Moving continents is certainly not an easy task and after a mountain of muddled emotions I am finally starting to embrace my new lifestyle.

If you have stopped at my blog you will note that I have a passion for entertaining, food, décor, travel and a weakness for beautiful home accessories, tableware, crockery, crystal and table linen. I do believe that simplicity creates elegance and it does not always have to come with a big price tag. I hope that my Simple2Elegant blog will inspire and impart my passion for simplicity without compromising on quality and elegance.

My passion comes from being brought up in a home where quality was far more important than quantity. My mother “Mamma Maria” as she is known by my friends had an amazing ability to add simple elegance to the food she prepared, the clothes she wore and the home we lived in.

After many years of being in the Hotel and Corporate industries my passion for entertaining, event planning and simple décor was always a part of my life. It is said that “we eat with our eyes” and that the table setting is just as important as the food we in eat.

I hope my posts will inspire you to do something new because at the end of the day entertaining, food and décor should be fun.



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