February… The month of LOVE

What better way than to celebrate with the Pantone colours of the year for 2016, ROSE QUARTZ and SERENITY

Oh! So pretty and romantic.

Personally, if you are in a relationship, married or not, then love should be celebrated throughout the year but even I love to share that special day with hubby. Kevin and I started penciling a date night together once a week. The date normally starts with an early movie then dinner or just a simple dinner together away from the house. Life is so busy in most households that it is important to just touch base and talk without interruptions of everyday LIFE.

The 14th February falls on a Sunday, so palm off the kids to grand-parents and celebrate by having a simple picnic in the garden – if you don’t have a garden a patio will do or otherwise your lounge coffee table and floor cushions makes for a beautiful setting.   With us and so many of our friends, our kids are off our hands and probably figuring out what they are going to do with girlfriends or wives leaving us to enjoy our own space at home.  Why spend a fortune on bad service and food on a crazy day when restaurants generally cannot cope with the influx of people.


Absolutely love this!!   Found on www.hellogiggles.com/perfect-picnic

If the weather changes then indoors is just as beautiful because….

This Moroccan/bohemian picnic setting from H&M Home was just perfect for this blog. Whatever the weather this can be done alfresco or in doors.

So simple to do with a little imagination:  It’s amazing how quickly  you can pull this look together (for the MEN who want to spoil their wives this is such a simple romantic idea and www.woolworths.co.za have awesome cheese packs already packaged and ready to display on a wooden board that you can pop in and buy or order on line).  Use a soft throw as a tablecloth or no table at all and use the throw as your tablecloth on the lawn. Use whatever cushions you have around the home. It’s not necessary to always go out and buy more accessories and create your own colour vibe. Add a little greenery from the garden to bring in the natural feel and make sure you have few candles in votive holders, so if lunch runs into the night you are prepared. Candles always adds a sexy romantic feelingJ  Oh, a little reminder, music is very important to create ambiance.

Keeping it simple is the key! All I need is my man, a good cheese board with a great bottle of bubbly or white wine, chocolate and I am a happy girl!! Sharing is caring and the feeling of taking a little cheese, wrapping it in slivers of meat, dipping into some jam and popping it into my mouth is sensational.


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