Shades Of Blue & White Make For A Simple Table Setting

With great excitement I share my first attempt at my very own photoshoot (I have to add, hubby did have a little hand, great assistant he was)

The dinnerware I found when scratching through my Mum’s kitchen cupboards, have now found a new home at my coastal apartment in the Algarve, Portugal.

A simple cotton murah I bought on the beach became my inspiration for these table setting ideas. (Murah’s are so versatile. I am using mine as a bed throw at the moment, as they are light and cool for the summer)

Let your creativity flow and mix different shades of colour and textures to create interest

I used some Pewter napkin holders that I had bought some time ago from

For an alternative look, I found a few of these turquoise and silver bracelets that were given to me by a good friend, which came in handy to use as napkin holders. Be creative, it’s amazing what you can find in your own home, so don’t rush out and buy new.


Option 1

Option 2

Where you place the napkin adds a different look and feel to your place setting

The use of either a rectangular or round placemat gives a different dimension to the setting. If you have a smaller table top then round placemats use up far less space.

Using a pop of colour in the base dinner plate with shells added a lovely coastal feel to my setting.

If you don’t want to use a centerpiece then add a succulent in a glass votive as an accent on the place- setting.


LOVED THE MIX OF COLOUR AND TEXTURES and the special touch of the succulent on each place setting for friends to take home as gifts! ENTERTAINING is all about having fun and finding a more relaxed approach. With planning all things are possibleJ

What do you think of the ideas?? Your comments are always appreciated

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