Simple autumn table setting with natural foliage

“Autumn is a time to gather and share good food, wine and cozy spaces with special friends and family”

Autumn, the season after summer and before winter’s rest !!

Autumn is my favourite time of the year. There is always something special about this season that brings with it a mixture of textures and warm colours. It’s a time to gather and share good food, wine and cozy spaces with special friends and family. Dressing your table to entertain friends or family is always a great time to get creative and have some fun.

As you get to know me a little better, you will see that I always plan my table décor around the food I am serving, the people I am entertaining and my home decor. Entertaining is all about planning, the more you can do in advance the less stressful your gathering will be and the more time you can spend with guests.

Maria’s TIP

Where possible, always try and set your table the night before your gathering. This allows you the time to be creative with your table décor and if the decor is not working out you have enough time to change the plan and find an alternative without getting too stressed that you are running out of time.

Wooden paddle

Wooden paddles are very much on trend now and this one became the base to hold my centerpiece. You can very much buy wooden paddles anywhere and even your old bread board can work with this centrepiece. The seasonal foliage of wild berries, greenery, dried grasses, lemons and apples created an earthy natural feel to the table.

Textures & Patterns

Mix and matching different textures, patterns and fabrics adds a little more interest to the table setting.  I used natural linen table runners and damask napkins to compliment the natural elements of the wood of my dining room table.

The placemat

These naturally woven placemats added a stylish, earthy element to the table setting in keeping with my autumn mood.

Maria’s TIP

Natural wooden paddles in varied sizes are brilliant to serve canapé’s or finger food and can be purchased at most home stores and very on trend

To keep the wood from drying out occasionally rub a little cooking oil directly onto the wood with a soft cloth.

A little bit of triviality….

“real damask is actually a type of fabric which uses a variety of weaving techniques (most commonly satin and twill variants) to create areas of different sheen in the cloth. Because the different textures reflect light differently, the patterns show as variations in tone, and sometimes the weave is given even further emphasis by using different colours in the warp and weft. The fact that the pattern is woven into the cloth means that the fabric is always reversible”


The organic texture of the placemat and the contrasting elegance of my Saint James fine bone china crockery brought a touch of sophistication to the place setting. The green and golden yellow detail on the crockery helped tie in the overall look as it combined well with the detail on the dinner plates.

It’s all in the detail….

Adding small sprigs of wild flowers to the inside of the napkins created harmony between the centrepiece and the individual place settings. I tied a knot in the damask napkin to give it a chunky yet simple and elegant feel.

A touch of crystal…

I absolutely love crystal in any form, whether it’s glassware, decanters or vases. Having spent many hours browsing antique stores and markets through out the world. Over the years I have created a beautiful selection of glassware that never dates and no matter when used it always adds a touch of style and elegance no matter the occasion. These particular vintage crystal wine glasses I found on my travels to Cape Town, South Africa and I managed to buy a selection of them in different shades.  I chose to use the amber and green ones as they added the perfect finishing touch to my fall table setting with their warm tones.


A little bit of trivia…..

Cut glass” is glass that has been decorated entirely by hand by use of rotating wheels. Cuts are made in an otherwise completely smooth surface of the glass by artisans holding and moving the piece against various sized metal or stone wheels, to produce a predetermined pleasing pattern.

The golden yellow hurricane lamps added to the warm tones of the table setting. Notice that I placed the hurricane lamps at the far end of the table near the curtains giving height to the table. It is not always necessary to have all the table accessories in the center of the table especially if you are setting for smaller groups.

I loved creating this simple fall table and hope that you get inspired to take a walk outdoors and find your own natural elements to add to your home decor or table setting. All the elements from the mix of wild foliage in the centerpiece, the elegant crockery, coloured glass and greenery harmonized together to create a table setting that was simple, elegant and inexpensive.  All the elements reflected the warm tones of Autumn with a touch of nature.

I was undecided on which hurricane lamps to use for the final photo shoot.  Which ones you would have used if you were setting this tablescape?  I would really welcome your comments and suggestions.


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