Simple Elegance Using Natural Elements To Create A Contemporary Setting

“Mother nature gives us Gifts of infinite beauty. Respect it, it’s all she asks in return”

The world is moving towards a simple, clean lined and sustainable lifestyle. Today I want to bring organic elements from the outdoors inside and give you some easy tips to use organic products to set your table.

I read such an interesting article in  and  extracted the following piece from there article “As the green movement grows around the world, people are no longer content waiting for government and big business to act on environmental issues. They often say change begins at home, and when it comes to sustainability, nothing could be closer to the truth. With consumer demand growing for homewares that are both beautiful and ethical, retail and building industries are increasingly moving toward sustainable and responsibly sourced products and materials”, this article makes for a very interesting read.

I feel that there is a high demand for more sustainable products and consumers are looking for natural and more organic products, whether it is in homeware, décor or food. Having moved to Europe, my husband (Kevin) and I have had the privilege of travelling substantially through Portugal and Europe. Travelling through bigger cities to villages and in so many of these little villages time seems to have stood still.

All around you see small holdings with fresh produce being grown.  The older generation still producing and eating off their land – maybe there is a lesson to be learnt but this discussion is for another blog. My first-hand experience was waking up recently to my father walking into the kitchen in the morning with a basket filled with fresh products from our Farm, in Covilha, Portugal.  What an amazing experience!!! You could absolutely smell the fresh produce and the taste was incredible.


My inspiration came from the Weylandts collection of Portuguese ceramics. – Weylandts epitomizes organic and natural – there clean lines and use of raw wood and handcrafted ranges make Weylandts collections absolutely unique.

ORGANIC CHARGES – charges ground your place setting and also add texture and feel. Whether made of oak, cork or a basket weave all add a natural organic look and feel.

SIMPLE COLOUR PALATE OF NEUTRALS, BLUES & SIMPLE GREENERY – “A terracotta crockery range inspired by rustic traditional pottery made on a pottery wheel. They have been handmade in Portugal, which being a mostly coastal country, has drawn much inspiration from the ocean. Expect unique pieces, often with marks left by the artisans that made them. The crockery range is available in turquoise, light blue and decorative white, ideal for entertaining.” All available at

TABLE LINENS – Burlap is very much on trend at the moment. It’s textural and organic. Burlap can be used as a table runner, placemat or napkin. Alternatively you can never go wrong with  beautiful linen tablecloths which should always form part of your basics. Linen has a more refined texture but still reflects an organic element.   For some advice on how to cut burlap so that it won’t unravel go into the following site –

NO FUSS CENTREPIECES – Organic, simple and beautiful all at the same time. The Protea reflects a strong organic feel. Exotic and wild – rustic yet elegant. An alternative idea – when available use individual ornamental cabbage in a clear or chunky ceramic vase to add an earthy feel.

Simple is always best!! This centrepiece is made up of tropical leaves and pincushion proteas in various individual glass vases. A little tip when with centrepieces – make sure to create a balance by varying the vessels that you use with height and texture. offer a beautiful range of freshly cut proteas in Kwazulu-Natal, readily available at local Markets.

My Favourites

Selection of natural linen

Organic Coloured Glasses

Natural Oak Plate Changer

Tropical leaves and pincushion Proteas

Ceramic White Dinner Plate

Organic Table Centre

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