Simple Fall Centrepiece In 5 Easy Steps

“Sometimes we are so busy looking for expensive ways to create the perfect dinner party”

Sometimes we are so busy looking for expensive ways to create centrepieces for our home or dinner table that we forget to look outdoors. Whether it’s summer, spring, autumn or winter the outdoors always offers simple organic foliage that comes at very little cost.

My local florist let me in on a little secret and pointed me in the direction of a beautiful field close to home that gave me the inspiration I needed to create a centerpiece that was organic, inexpensive and blended in with my elegant crockery (blog to follow).

My basket of foliage:

Dried Grass
Wild flowers
Wild greenery with small red berries
Freshly picked lemons
Pink Lady Apples I had in my fruit basket
String to tie each bunch of foliage together individually
Wooden Board adding a warmth to this basket of foliage


I used a simple method of layering the individual foliage in a tangled manner starting with the wild berry greenery then adding the wild flowers and dried grass. In order to stop the foliage from falling apart I tied each bunch with natural string.

Lastly I added the lemons, apples and cut the wild berry greenery into smaller stems adding them to create a softness to the arrangement.

Remember creativity comes from within and it should always reflect a little of you.

So excited to share my next blog that incorporates this natural foliage with an elegant autumn table.

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